How To Avoid the Death Tax on Superannuation

This is a contribution by our resident financial advisor, Christina. Christina has one eye on the retirement prize but in the meantime she’s a taxation and financial advisor in Brisbane. Christina is here to answer your questions about financial planning, selling up your business and getting your dollar ducks in a row for retirement. We […]

Can You Come Out of Retirement

Somehow our younger-years vision of retirement has morphed from sitting in the shade of an umbrella on a white sandy beach, book in hand. With the world recently doling out ‘no historical data on that, mate’ scenarios, there is no longer a traditional notion of retirement. So, should individuals reevaluate their life paths, priorities, and […]

The basics of financial planning for retirement– getting started

Having at least some basic financial planning skils in place is essential to a satisfying retirement and we recommend you develop your personal investment plan. Here is an outline of how we went about this. Alternatively, you could just win the lottery but “Hope is not a strategy”  and so far that hasn’t worked for […]

Older and Wiser