The basics of financial planning for retirement– getting started

Having at least some basic financial planning skils in place is essential to a satisfying retirement and we recommend you develop your personal investment plan. Here is an outline of how we went about this. Alternatively, you could just win the lottery but “Hope is not a strategy”  and so far that hasn’t worked for […]

Daily Management; time management in retirement for getting the most out of your days.

Using daily management tools (or time management in retirement) is perhaps even more important now than when in full time employment. One of the greatest challenges of the newly retired is finding purpose and satisfaction in life. During our years of employment, goals and objectives are often set externally by our employer. As employees we […]

A gap decade and a new dog

David is 58 years old and Gill 48. It is just on two and a half years since David retired as a management professional, or as he describes it, started his ‘gap decade’. Gill continues to work full-time in a busy senior management role. David and Gill are tertiary educated and describe themselves as socially […]

Older and Wiser