That Time I Got my First Pair of Orthopaedic Shoes

My grandmother, long gone, was the best person I ever met. She taught me so much. Every day I miss her and thank her for everything she gave me, except, my feet. I remember looking at her gnarly feet thinking, phew, I’m so glad I don’t have those size 11, high-arched, narrow-ankled, wide-balled, hammer-toed clodhoppers. […]

How To Avoid the Death Tax on Superannuation

This is a contribution by our resident financial advisor, Christina. Christina has one eye on the retirement prize but in the meantime she’s a taxation and financial advisor in Brisbane. Christina is here to answer your questions about financial planning, selling up your business and getting your dollar ducks in a row for retirement. We […]

Can You Come Out of Retirement

Somehow our younger-years vision of retirement has morphed from sitting in the shade of an umbrella on a white sandy beach, book in hand. With the world recently doling out ‘no historical data on that, mate’ scenarios, there is no longer a traditional notion of retirement. So, should individuals reevaluate their life paths, priorities, and […]

Older and Wiser