Retirement Hobbies – Furniture Restoration

There’s no greater time in a retired couple’s life than when their partner is out from underfoot, doing a project. While everyone thinks they know what retirement will be like, the truth is, no matter how many trips you take, or how many bucket list books you get through, there’s still plenty of hours in […]

Five Wise Old Wives Tales That Work

Let’s take a moment to celebrate old wives shall we? Old wives’ tales are easily dismissed, but there’s a reason these ideas linger in the human consciousness. They often work. See, women have been looking for ways to fix problems without adequate resources since the beginning of time. We hunt down solutions. Some of the […]

That Time I Got my First Pair of Orthopaedic Shoes

My grandmother, long gone, was the best person I ever met. She taught me so much. Every day I miss her and thank her for everything she gave me, except, my feet. I remember looking at her gnarly feet thinking, phew, I’m so glad I don’t have those size 11, high-arched, narrow-ankled, wide-balled, hammer-toed clodhoppers. […]

How To Avoid the Death Tax on Superannuation

This is a contribution by our resident financial advisor, Christina. Christina has one eye on the retirement prize but in the meantime she’s a taxation and financial advisor in Brisbane. Christina is here to answer your questions about financial planning, selling up your business and getting your dollar ducks in a row for retirement. We […]

Can You Come Out of Retirement

Somehow our younger-years vision of retirement has morphed from sitting in the shade of an umbrella on a white sandy beach, book in hand. With the world recently doling out ‘no historical data on that, mate’ scenarios, there is no longer a traditional notion of retirement. So, should individuals reevaluate their life paths, priorities, and […]

Older and Wiser