That Time I Got my First Pair of Orthopaedic Shoes

My grandmother, long gone, was the best person I ever met. She taught me so much. Every day I miss her and thank her for everything she gave me, except, my feet. I remember looking at her gnarly feet thinking, phew, I’m so glad I don’t have those size 11, high-arched, narrow-ankled, wide-balled, hammer-toed clodhoppers. […]

The New, and Very Old Treatment for Diabetic Wounds

Falling down that Facebook scroll rabbit hole, I came across a story about some maxillofacial surgeons who came face to face with a superbug.  Their patients developed deep (and growing) infections in their facial tissue and none of the modern anti-biotics could stop these wounds from worsening.  In desperation, they turned to a traditional method […]

Older and Wiser