Are these 5 of the best retirement locations in Australia?

How do you choose your retirement location? We talk to 5 women who have chosen to move to a new location or stayed put. What were their criteria? We have written previously about getting our location wrong and then happily settling in Noosaville. We felt it was time to broaden that conversation. The locations are […]

Decoding Aged Care services in Australia; choosing the right service.

At some stage of our lives most of us will need to consider aged care options, for ourselves or for family members. To say this is a daunting process is an understatement; both navigating the government support and working out which is the best service, can be time consuming, confusing and expensive. [This post was […]

Some pitfalls of retirement villages and manufactured homes.

Retirement villages and manufactured homes are popular choices for retirees looking to downsize, but each of them comes with rules and regulations that it is essential you understand. Discover the pitfalls and make a well informed choice before proceeding with the purchase of a home in either of these accommodation options. As alluded to in […]

Retirement housing options; where will you live in retirement

If you are beginning to consider your retirement housing options you may need to be flexible. Let us help you by outlining the retirement living options available for Australians. I’m sitting comfortably in front of my screen, in our comfortable home, on our own block, living the Australian dream that can be semi-retirement or re-wirement. […]

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