Finding joint pain relief with biomagnetic therapy from BioMagnetic Co.

Painful knee joint showing redness

There is a lot of evidence around that as we age we are more likely to need joint care therapies. Recently we have trialled some biomagnetic therapy products which have given both Rowan and me relief.

We each have our challenges with joint pain. Due to osteoarthritis Rowan had both hip joints replaced several years ago, and he suffers from arthritis and gout on periodic basis in his knees, feet, wrists and elbows. I have a severe scoliosis which impacts the right side of my body and I have rolled my right ankle more times than I care to remember.

[This post is sponsored by BioMagnetic Co who gifted us products to try. We share both our personal unbiased experience with the products, as well as industry information on the efficacy of biomagnetic therapy. As always, seek your own medical advice].

Ageing and joint care

It is a sad fact that as we age those of us who exercise tend to wear out our joints, and those who don’t exercise regularly may stress their joints through obesity. And of course genetics can also play a part. Either way, arthritis and associated complaints do seem to increase with age; stiffness occurs more frequently and recovery can be slower.

Woman knitting wearing biomagnetic wrist guard
If you find knitting causes discomfort why not try a wrist guard

canvaWhilst there are surgical solutions to many of these problems, particularly where joints have decayed, there are many other instances where non-surgical solutions are a far less expensive solution. There can be little doubt that as we age our hard working joints need more support, and we are all well aware I am sure of the recommendation for RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. But what does that really mean?

The RICE method is used to speed up healing, ease pain, and reduce swelling. It is cheap, effective and can be utilised at home.

  • Rest means just that, staying off or not using, the affected joint for a period of 24 to 48 hours. This is particularly important for weight bearing joints.
  • Ice means to ice the joint with an ice pack (or a pack of frozen peas works just as well) for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Compression means wrapping the injured area to prevent swelling, keeping it snug and supported but not too tight.
  • Elevation works to reduce pain and swelling through raising the affected joint above your heart

Compression and biomagnetics for joint pain relief

The products we have trialled from BioMagnetic Co  offer gentle compression and support, with the addition of bio magnetic therapy. Biomagnetic Co offers a range of comfortable supports, insoles, wraps, and bands that are embedded with therapeutic magnets that may aid in the recovery of muscles and the relief of various joint-related conditions.

Man grasping painful knee
Knees are such important joints, it is essential that we immediately deal with any pain

The magnetic products are a natural pain relief alternative to conventional methods of pain relief, which means they require no drugs or surgery. They may aid the body by assisting with the maintenance of peripheral circulation, increasing oxygen to the affected area.

The range includes:

  • Magnetic back support
  • Magnetic knee support
  • Magnetic wrist support
  • Magnetic elbow support
  • Magnetic ankle support
  • Magnetic gel reflex insoles
  • Magnetic therapy band bracelet
  • Magnetic neck and shoulder wrap
  • Magnetic reflex glove
  • Moulded reflex soles

Of these, I trialled the ankle support and Rowan trialled the knee support and the wrist support. We have both used a number of compression and ice treatments over the years and at times we succumb to paracetamol, ibuprofen, or prescription medicines to manage pain.

Older woman with headache
Pain can be incredibly debilitating and swift and appropriate action is needed to deal with it,

My ankle discomfort is intermittent and seems to occur without rhyme or reason. I do wear good shoes and orthotics, but the pain often seems to radiate down from my knee and then my ankle locks up and swells. I found the ankle support relieved the pain and provided some support to my ankle. The guards are adjustable with velcro closing, but even then I found the ankle guard a little loose as I have relatively slim ankles, and I would like to see a support made for a smaller ankle (I am told this is planned). I can’t speak other than from personal experience on the efficacy of the magnetics, but given the looseness of the guard I can only assume that they added to the healing effect in lieu of strong compression. The support was comfortable to wear such that on a number of occasions I wore it overnight without any discomfort at all. The neoprene is also machine washable which is a bonus, although for longevity of the product hand washing is recommended.

Painful ankle showing redness
Ankles do a lot of hard weight bearing work, make sure yours are well cared for.

Rowan wore the wrist guard regularly during a long road trip and found it gave him excellent support, and its non slip neoprene covering meant it was safe on the steering wheel. The wrist guard also slips over the thumb to secure it in place.

Rowan has also worn the knee support whenever he has experienced knee pain, and like my experience with the ankle guard has been able to sleep with the guard on. It has definitely helped him with compressing and supporting his knee when he has suffered an arthritic episode.

The science of biomagnetic therapy.

Like many natural therapies, there have been very few studies on the efficacy of magnetic pain therapy. That is despite some clinical trials showing that it has potential for treatment of back pain. Having said that, magnetic therapy is one of the safest natural forces in the world and end user reports have shown its effectiveness in the treatment of a diverse range of conditions. With Biomagnetic Sport offering a 28-day money back policy, you really don’t have anything to lose but your pain, and the products offer you the potential for relief of the following issues:

  • Ligament damage
  • Muscular damage
  • Lower back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Temporary relief of painful areas

But don’t use biomagnetics if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or an insulin pump. And do remember to take off any magnets before having an MRI or X-ray. We recommend you do your own research and seek medical advice before trying any product, and we found this article a useful primer on biomagnetics.

Read this post if you or someone you love has concerns about falls and joint damage.

Have you used biomagnetic therapies? What is your favourite remedy for muscular and joint pain?

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