How to find the best home care provider to meet your needs

A woman who is ageing at home with the help of a home care package

Ageing at home is the preferred choice for many of us these days, but navigating the home care system can be an overwhelming task. Where to begin to analyse the home care packages available to you?

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What if there was a service that has already analysed the services available, picked the best ones and will help you match a provider to your specific needs? What if this no obligation expert advice was available to you for free?

It may sound too good to be true, but this time it actually is true. CareAbout are experienced aged care professionals ready to help you navigate your way through the aged care system.

So where to begin?

What is a home care package and what are the benefits of ageing at home?

Home care is exactly that, the provision of care at home; the services come to you. Those services can be anything from help with getting dressed, transport to shops or appointments, cleaning and gardening, to name a few. The packages are consumer directed, allowing you to choose the exact services you require, and to change those over time as your needs change.

Home care can provide the care you need whilst maintaining your independence (and sense of fun)

And of course the benefits of ageing at home are enormous and include:

  • You remain in your community and an environment you are familiar with and comfortable in. Compare that to the rather institutional feel of many aged care homes and nursing homes.
  • Care is 1:1 and tailored to your specific needs.
  • You maintain your independence to the greatest extent possible along with your dignity and values.

How to apply for a home care package

Understand the levels of home care and choose the package that best meets your needs

This is where having experienced guidance can really help. To start with, there are four levels of home care packages, and choosing the right one is critical to make sure your needs are met and that you also understand the amount of subsidy funding available at each level. Find out more about each of the home care package levels, and which one is best for you, with the details of the level of care and the associated funding.

It is essential that you have a complete understanding of the available funding and your own contribution. You will need to be assessed for funding before you choose your provider. Many of us have experienced frustration when trying to navigate government information online, and whilst I highly recommend you check the link in the previous paragraph, be assured that CareAbout also have expertise in this area and have a handy guide explaining home care subsidies and how to access government funding.

Again, be assured that CareAbout has all the information you need to navigate this process. Get started by downloading Your Guide to Home Care, a comprehensive free guide of 15 pages that will give you confidence to proceed.

Making sure you get the greatest benefit possible from your home care package

This is exactly what CareAbout offers; services to make sure you get the greatest benefit possible from your home care package. They work for you, they have done the hard work on understanding the packages, the fees and available funding and how to apply. They have assessed services providers and will assist in matching you to the best provider/s for your requirements. They will explain the system and take time to understand your specific needs – we are all different after all.

And remember this service is 100% obligation free. There’s a really simple questionnaire on the website to help you get started in your conversation with CareAbout, but the best place to start is undoubtedly by downloading and reading Your Guide to Home Care. Or if you prefer you can open a chat conversation with the team, via the website, or call them direct on 1300 713 407.

Why not get started now and have a tailored care package in place as quickly as possible.

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