Three Little Renovation Projects to Warm Your Heart and Home 

Freshly painted white coffee table, new plants, smaller lounge as part of downsizing renovation project.

As a new retiree, I recently found myself swept up in the excitement of starting a new chapter – downsizing! 

While at first I was torn about moving from the family home, I soon got swept away in planning all the great things I’d do once I got to my new, cosier place.  

I could picture it – a reading nook by the window overlooking the garden, a cute bedroom for the grandies, and some bright, happy accents to make the space welcoming. I had just the things! 

Imagine my dismay when the oversized furniture didn’t fit and the red throw rug on my La-Z-Boy clashed with the pink hydrangeas in the garden just outside.  

So there I was, staring at four beige walls, overtaken by tears of longing for my old house, where everything was just as I liked it. But of course, I couldn’t go back. And anyway, I’d decided to downsize because it really was the right choice for me, so now I just needed to get on with creating the new life I’d imagined.  

I sat for a while and thought about what I might do, and then my creative streak came whizzing back. Now I’m designing my space exactly the way I want it! 

Here’s a few things I’ve been working on- just in case you’re looking for some inspiration yourself.  

Revitalize Furniture with a Fresh Coat of Paint 

So many projects to be found in the op shops

My old furniture didn’t fit the rooms and my fill-in pieces were dreary and bland, so I started scouring my local op shop for quality furniture that had seen better days. 

I decided to give new life to my thrifted timber pieces including a worn-out wooden chair, a dated coffee table, and a tired bookshelf. Somewhat like myself, I thought – a bit tired and worn out but ready for something new! 

A light sand, some primer and a few licks of paint, and my new buys are looking as good as new. Better, in fact! 

Tip: Don’t be afraid to get creative with techniques like distressing or stencilling for added character. Your revitalized furniture will not only warm your heart but also become a conversation piece that reflects your artistic flair. 

Become an indoor plant muM 

Discover your green thumb and become an indoor plant mum

I’ve always loved gardening, but my new place only has a small patch of green which is already maintained, so I’ve found another way to utilise my green thumb. I’m delighting in finding the perfect spot for a growing assortment of indoor plant babies.  

At first, I asked the nursery staff for the easiest varieties, sure that I’d kill them all. As it turns out though, my previous bad run with indoor pot plants can be attributed to a lack of time that accompanies the general chaos of working/family life.  

Now that I have the time to care for them, all my plants have survived!  

I’ve started dabbling in rarer species, the ones more precious and specific in their needs. Who knew growing vanilla could be so challenging!  

A haven for small, sweet people 

Create a cosy space for when the grandkids come to visit

Finally, I got started on a bedroom for my precious grandchildren.  

My own children’s bedrooms were decorated with great love, but I did occasionally flick through Home Beautiful magazine and dream about the possibilities. Well, I decided that I’ve only got one more chance at it, so this time I’m going all out and creating a haven for my darlings. In addition to some sweet décor I found in my local op shop, I decided new paint was the perfect way to transform the room. 

Painting an apartment can be intimidating, but once I’d chosen a paint colour and theme, the world of possibilities opened up and now I’m having so much fun! 

If you’re in a lovely new place that doesn’t quite feel like home yet, I highly suggest you take one step each day to bring some colour into your life again. The bright new chapter you’ve been imagining is possible. 

Older and Wiser