Five Wise Old Wives Tales That Work

Old Wives Tales that work - how to kill fruit flies.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate old wives shall we? Old wives’ tales are easily dismissed, but there’s a reason these ideas linger in the human consciousness. They often work. See, women have been looking for ways to fix problems without adequate resources since the beginning of time. We hunt down solutions. Some of the old wisdom has since been disproven. Some has been replaced with new wisdom. Changing up ideas when new evidence comes along is at the heart of being a wise old woman! Old wives’ tales are “women’s life hacks”, and everybody loves a life hack. You can rub an onion on an insect bite for itch relief, chicken soup is good for you when you’re ill, and organic honey can be used as a topical medicine. All now proven by wise men in lab coats… so you know, facts. *eyeroll* Here’s my favourite old wives tales that I live by every day!

Fruit Fly Killer

If you can’t get rid of fruit flies, there’s an old wives’ tale for that. Getting rid of fruit flies doesn’t mean buying any special bug spray. Start with 30ml of warm water and dissolve a teaspoon of sugar, add 50ml of apple cider vinegar and finish with a single drop of washing-up liquid. Just set your trap in your fruit fly-heavy area and watch the little suckers drop.

The Power of Rice Flour

What’s the trick for perfectly crisp pastry when you’re baking a pie? Well, it turns out the old wives’ tale about sprinkling rice flour on the bottom of the pie is true. Of course, you can help avoid soggy bottoms by using baking beads and then blind baking your crust before you add the filling. 

Sage Eases Menopause Symptoms

This delicious herb might hide in the kitchen cupboard just waiting to make it into your next recipe, but there are also benefits for menopause. One study discovered that after four weeks of use, fresh sage vastly reduces the intensity of hot flushes. 

Banish Motion Sickness

If you struggle with motion sickness, there are simple remedies and they are extra tasty; your choice, ginger or olives.  Whether it’s sucking on a ginger sweet, drinking ginger tea, or enjoying a little olive tapenade, both ginger and olives can ease motion sickness.  The reason for motion sickness is down to your inner ear, and for such a small part, the nausea and dizziness that it brings can be overwhelming. Some people struggle with the after-effects long after the motion has stopped. Because you produce more saliva as a result of the motion sickness, it makes you feel worse – constantly on the verge of being sick. You can tackle that problem with olives or ginger, which will inevitably settle your stomach.

Rehydrate Fast

If you struggle with dehydration during the hot summer months, there’s a handy old wives’ tale that will get you back to where you need to be hydration-wise. Pour yourself a glass of water, add a pinch of salt, and some fresh lemon juice. It’s everything you need for a natural electrolyte boost.  
So, while some may scoff at the notion of old wives’ tales, it’s clear that among the folklore and myths, there lies wisdom and practical remedies passed down through generations. Try them for yourself!

Older and Wiser