Curvy Swimwear by Capriosca; get off the sideline and into the water

Woman walking in shallows wearing curvy swimwear long sleeve Wetsuit and Coral Sarong
Woman in shallows in one piece bathing suit

Curvy Swimwear by Capriosca meets your swimwear and resort wear needs whether you are heading off to the beach, going on a tropical holiday or lazing by your pool. Or perhaps you are an active swimmer and want serviceable swimwear? Capriosca has your needs covered.

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Even though I grew up in the dry inland of New South Wales I have always had a love of the water. Not so much the slushy and muddy dam near our house; I think I only once trod in the silty edges and that was enough. But on a hot Friday night after a day in town shopping, it was always a treat for our family to have a picnic dinner by the municipal pool and a swim before making the 45 minute journey home. I still remember the excitement, and of course the distinct smell of chlorine. And perhaps some of my favourite memories are of family holidays at the iconic Bondi Beach where I loved to frolic in the shallows and roll in the sand (poor Mum!).

These days poolside is where you will find me during summer and tropical holidays and I love wearing comfortable and stylish swimwear, whether lounging by our pool, out and about in Australia, or overseas. Enter Curvy Swimwear, the sister brand to Capriosca Swimwear, offering beautiful and stylish plus size swimwear and resort wear. 

The Curvy Swimwear and Resort Wear Range by Capriosca Swimwear

This beautiful swimwear and resort wear range is designed in Australia and offers a stunning array of beautiful prints in designs to suit every body. Whether you are a keen lap swimmer, or prefer to lounge by the pool sipping a cocktail and looking stylish, there is something for you in this range. And of course there is resort wear perfect for taking you from beach to bar (or pool to bar).

Woman walking in the street wearing Capriosca Swimwear Cotton Kaftan White and carrying a hat and basket
Capriosca Swimwear Cotton Kaftan in White


The Curvy Swimwear range offers sizes 10-30, so whether you are a bikini wearer, a tankini wearer, a one piece wearer or a rashie wearer, there is a plus size swimming costume for you. There are styles to suit all body shapes and the range also offers shelf bras and underwires for those of us who are more busty. If your weight is unevenly distributed you can select a tankini or bikini top in one size (using your bra size) and a bottom in another size; the options are endless and many of the prints and plains mix together beautifully. And for the younger woman there is also swimwear for maternity wear.

Let’s talk about body image and curvy swimwear

I know, I know you really don’t feel comfortable in swimwear and that’s why you are staying out of the water.  Well I am 65, I have belly rolls and I have loads of cellulite, but I will not feel hot and miserable in our summers, and I will not miss out on the fun and relaxation of being in the water. 

We really need to ‘get over ourselves’ in that regard. As we reach our middle years and beyond, life becomes short and it’s time to embrace every opportunity and (legal) experience. It’s time to get in the swim with our friends and family, to laugh and hoot and have fun. If you have any doubts about this, take a look at what the European women wear on the beach.  Large or small, young or old, you will find them wearing bikinis or two pieces, enjoying life and not giving a damn what anyone else thinks, I seriously don’t think that even enters their minds. Why are we so precious to our own detriment?

If you are a little body conscious there are still great options for you, like the swim dresses and bike pant bottoms, but really, don’t feel compelled to cover up. A better option, if you really feel the need, is to add a sarong if you have to dash to the front door or want to grab a coffee or a drink whilst at the beach.

The truth is, nobody is really watching you, only you are focussed on your ‘imperfections’. Instead put your focus on having fun, and being fun to be around.

Woman leaning against pillar wearing Capriosca Swimwear Navy Dots Underwire Tankini Beach Coverup Coral Sarong

Why the Curvy Swimwear range should be on your shopping list

This range has been carefully curated to deal with the realities of life, offering many features that will delight you.

Sun safe swimwear

Of course some of us have very fair skin and don’t want to risk sunburn and that is a real consideration. Even with my somewhat olive skin I need to take care of my skin, particularly my shoulders, back and chest areas (and of course my face). The Curvy Swimwear range includes both rashie vests like the one I am wearing below as well as swimsuits that provide excellent shoulder cover but leave your arms bare. And to protect your beautiful face there is a range of sun visors in gorgeous prints. Of course no matter what you wear, don’t forget your sun screen.

Woman lying by pool reading and wearing Capriosca Swimwear Geo Stripe Long Sleeve Rashie Navy High Waist Pant
Capriosca Swimwear Geo Stripe Long Sleeve Rashie with Navy High Waist Pant

Chlorine resistant swimwear

Whether you are the sporty type who loves to swim laps, or like me and a big fan of the backyard pool or spa, you need to select chlorine resistant swimwear. (I was a bit shocked several years ago when I  purchased some swimwear which said I shouldn’t wear it in the sun, in chlorinated water or pretty much anywear else).  Curvy Swimwear offers a huge range of chlorine resistant cossies in a variety of styles, including several which are lap swimming friendly but still eminently stylish.

Post Mastectomy Swimwear

If you have had a mastectomy you may be even more body conscious. Capriosca have thought of that too, and they have many styles ideal for post mastectomy wearing. Removable mastectomy pouches are included in much of their swimwear. To find out more about the options why not pop online and use the Chat feature to get advice on what will work best for you.

Resort Wear

Capriosca doesn’t just offer swimwear, they also have a range of beautiful resort wear. The range includes short kaftans like the white one I am wearing in the photo above and the gorgeous orange sarong (the sarongs come in a rainbow of different colours). There are also full length kaftans, lounge wear and the Betty Basics range of tees and soft pants. 

Caring for your Capriosca Swimwear

Even if you don’t swim in chlorinated water (but particularly if you do) it is essential that you take good care of your swimwear to prolong its life. Always rinse your swimwear after wearing; I do this in the shower and then hang my cossie there to dry. Spas and heated pools are not ideal for swimwear, just like you wouldn’t wash them in a hot wash, so do be aware that using those will shorten the life of your swimwear. Once rinsed hang your swimwear inside or in a shady spot (don’t roll it up and don’t dry it in the hot sun). Also take care to not sit on rough surfaces as they can snag the fabric.

Why you need to get in the water

We already know that water makes up 75% of our brain, doesn’t it make sense that being near and in the water is good for us, whether we are a water sign or not.

Swimming or exercising in water is one of the gentlest exercises we can participate in. When our body is supported by the water we are able to exercise with much less stress on our joints whilst also getting the benefit of the resistance provided by the water – double points for that right?

It’s time to ditch your negative body talk, source yourself a beautiful swimsuit and embrace life. You may even find yourself having a giggle like I was here.

Woman in surf wearing Capriosca Swimwear Navy Dots Tankini Navy High Waist Pant
Capriosca Swimwear Navy Dots Tankini and Navy High Waist Pant

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Do you feel confident in swimwear or are you more likely to stay on the shore? What features do you look for in swimwear? Ocean, pool, or both, what is your preference?

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